No Front Page Post

In this blog, I'm using no-first-page-post along with my disappearing intro. Eliminating that first post can be accomplished in Settings, Formatting, by changing Show on first page to 0. The problem is Blogger helps us out by adding a "No posts match" message to replace that first post.

That doesn't work for me, so I turned it off. In my Minima Stretch template, the message is in:
<div class='status-msg-wrap'>
With the style in an external style sheet.

Fixing the problem is as simple as adding a style just before the end of the in-line styles.

.status-msg-wrap {
display:none !important;

That does the job for me, but check your own template (or rendered page) if you want to verify before inserting it. And, you should consider the !important... well, important.

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