Image Sizes and Other Things

This blog was created solely to test various images sizes as discussed in the Blogger Help Group thread "image test". It has been expanded to include a couple of other blog strategies, including re-linking post images for which the links have been lost. This section itself is a technique to have a welcome message that disappears on post pages. This page and the post describing how it works are under construction.


spavel said...

Tom, thanks for inviting me to test this intro comment. Keep up the good work.

Peter @ Enviroman said...

Hi Ted,

Is this Ted's blog or Tom's blog? Not here to investigate but to let you know I used your fix for the "missing" icon and will like to acknowledge your contribution. Would you object to an active link to your blog as acknowledgement?


HelenaG said...

Hey spavel!

You said I could ask you here, if you answers, more about how to get my menu to work in my homepage (and not on the bloggerforum).

I can already tell you that you have helped me and know muuuch more html than me.

Wondering now how we do this if you want to help me?

Tom said...


Does the page exist now? What's the address? I'll look at and tell you if I can help.